KUL Short stories with an intriguing question?

Each story is unique and grabs you from the start and end with a question for the reader.

The stories are constructed as introductions to unanswered questions end with a question to the reader, such as: What would you do? Or: How did this information get into the DNA? That does work. You tend to think about it and formulate an answer.
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Questions that we do not yet know the answer to. An example of such a story is ‘The last baby’. What could happen if the quality of our seeds continues to deteriorate? The story ‘The first pharaoh’, on the other hand, deals with the question of the origin of diversity. Another example is ‘Armpit sweat’. In this story, it has been emphasized that the smell of the partner could be essential for a lasting relationship. Also, some stories such as ‘space-sex’ give you the opportunity to come up with your own plot. They provide inspiration to let the imagination run wild. Similar to a joke, these short stories are intended to make the audience think and possibly to make you laugh. The stories should be read with a wink, because life is serious enough. That’s why the short story collection is called ‘KUL’.
The stories give food for thought and are worth telling. Each story is unique and grabs you from the start. Sometimes they seem more like a consideration, a philosophical train of thought, or a statement. But they are all narrative. Some stories are humorous, some start with a statement and develop it further into the future.
ISBN: 9789403724980

Kul. Korte verhalen met een boodschap

Original Dutch version: Kul. Korte verhalen met een boodschap. Hard cover paperback ISBN 9789403619651